Archive | February, 2013

New Construction = Happy Physicians

Physicians in residency training programs typically train at hospitals where all the bells and whistles are available for the physicians as well as the patients. For example, for the past few years, most physicians leaving residency have never used a paper patient chart because electronic medical records are the modern way to keep patient records. […]

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A New Radiology Department

Patients in the current TCMH radiology department are well aware of the way the various equipment rooms are spread up and down three different hallways. Outpatients going to mammography or bone density and inpatients going to CT go up and down the same hallways as the hospital staff, other patients and visitors. Privacy leaves more […]

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Drywall, Paint and Elbow Room

The dry wall work continues inside the new construction. The former beams and posts are beginning to truly take shape. Check out this work: This photo doesn’t even do justice to the natural light that will be in this area and the incredible amount of space. Speaking of space, this is the current office of […]

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