Missouri Monster Makes a Visit

Halloween was just a week ago, but Missouri Monster delayed his visit to TCMH until this morning.

Missouri Monster, a giant crane from Gabriele Crane Rental in Rolla, MO, was used to pick up three large air conditioning units and place them on top of the new construction at TCMH. The cold weather, a slight drizzle of rain and a breeze did not effect the contracting crews from getting the job done today.

A portion of the TCMH front was blocked off temporarily while workers prepared to move the three units that were lined up next to the construction.

L&R Industries of Cabool provided the rigging and assisted with lifting the units on top of the new construction. L&R also assisted with removing the canopy about one year ago from the front of the hospital and installing it at the Lone Star Plaza in Downtown Houston.

The rope dangling below the unit was used by crews on the ground and on top of the new construction to turn the unit while it dangled in the air.

All three units are now in their respective spots on top of the expansion.


One Response to “Missouri Monster Makes a Visit”

  1. So excited to see the progress. Looking good, TCMH!!

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