Business As Usual…With Lots of New Pavement

The thing about a hospital that makes it a little different than most businesses is that it’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and there’s no possibility of simply shutting it down for a day or even a few hours to do things like pave new parking lots. Instead, every employee that’s working must be accounted for and every parking space must be accounted for in the strategically planned and synchronized paving of multiple lots at TCMH.

Early in the construction process, TCMH planned to do most of the paving of the parking lots on the weekend. When the hospital’s front lot was closed off to prepare the lot to be paved, hospital employees were assigned specific parking spaces, some off campus, and patient and visitor parking was relocated to lots usually used by TCMH employees. There was a little confusion during the time, especially for patients and visitors driving up, looking for a place to park. There were also stories of employees on campus giving rides to employees off campus and employees that shuttled vehicles for patients, too.

After a few weeks of inconvenience, both TCMH driveways (North and South) and the front and South parking lots are open and operating for business as usual. There’s even a spiffy new driveway running from the front hospital parking lot to the South driveway by the TCMH Medical Complex. Slowly but surely, patients, their family members and visitors are figuring out that the search for a parking place just got a little easier, and you can park a lot closer to the hospital’s main entrance. All TCMH employees have parking places assigned to them that are back on the hospital’s main campus.

Early Thursday morning, Pace Construction began laying asphalt…with warnings of impending cold weather headed to the Ozarks.

Dump trucks full of hot asphalt were lined up, ready to be applied to the new parking lot.

The asphalt steams as it’s dropped by the bucket load on a curb corner. Fresh asphalt is 160 degrees Fahrenheit when it’s applied.

This machine spreads the hot asphalt.

A dump truck full of hot asphalt attaches to the spreading machine….

As the hot asphalt comes out of the dump truck into the hopper of the spreader, the asphalt is laid behind the spreader.

A large roller and a small roller were used to compress the asphalt as it cooled and hardened.

The new front lot was taking shape by mid-morning on Thursday…and the sun was still shining.

By early afternoon, the sun was hiding behind clouds, but the front lot and new driveway were done, including striping for parking places on the new lot.

Intermittent rain showers and a brisk wind didn’t keep the asphalt laying crew from stopping on Thursday afternoon. They laid asphalt around the South side of the hospital expansion for the South driveway and the entrance and exit for the ambulance garage.

On Friday morning the front lot of the hospital was opened up to TCMH employees and visitors, and the South was closed except to TCMH Medical Complex patients. A second layer of asphalt was applied to the South lot.

The “bridge” area between Holy Cross Lutheran Church and the TCMH South lot (in the photo above) will be removed later this week. All employees, patients and visitors are asked to utilize the South driveway at TCMH when accessing the TCMH Medical Complex and the South parking lot.

The temperatures are still cool, but the sun is shining again, and the South driveway to TCMH is open again!

The new driveway in front of the hospital is open…connecting the South entrance and the South & Clinic parking areas with the hospital’s front parking lot.

Overlooking the new driveway.

The new driveway making the hospital’s front lot easily accessible.

The new South driveway connecting the parking lots of the TCMH Medical Complex and the hospital’s South lot.

Looking down the new South driveway at Highway 63. The new hospital construction is on the left. The TCMH Medical Complex is on the right.

Although the paving was completed in the nick of time for our South and front parking lots, the asphalt for the project is not done yet. Pace Construction will be back on site in 2013 when the construction work is nearly complete. The North corner of the hospital property that currently serves as the area to store everything from contractor trailers to gravel and dirt to mortar and bricks will be graded and paved to add additional employee, patient and visitor parking spaces, increasing overall the number of parking spaces available on the TCMH campus.

The area to be paved for parking in 2013.


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