Just Wait a Bit…the Weather and the Parking Will Change

“We are waiting on asphalt,” Wes Murray, chief executive officer at TCMH, told board members at their monthly meeting on Tuesday.

Working around wet weather in the past couple of weeks, the nearly two month long asphalt project has had hospital employees parking in alternate and off campus locations and visitors and patients parking in areas that are usually employee parking.

“The curbs are poured, the gravel is packed, and we are waiting for the equipment to be delivered to do the paving,” Murray said.

The paving will begin in the area on the North side of the new construction and will continue along the road in front of the new construction and the new South driveway. A final top coat of asphalt will go down on the new parking lot on the South side of the hospital, too.

In the near future, the temporary driveway connecting the hospital’s South parking lot and the Holy Cross Lutheran Church driveway and parking lot will be dismantled.

“We want to allow some time for everyone to get used to having the South driveway back open,” Murray said.

On behalf of the TCMH board of trustees, Omanez Fockler, board chairperson, expressed appreciation to the Holy Cross Lutheran Church board and congregation for allowing TCMH to use their driveway and parking area over the past several months to route traffic in and out of the hospital’s South parking lot.

“They have really helped us out,” Fockler said, “And we greatly appreciate it.”

With the additional parking that will be added in the first round of parking lot paving, some TCMH employees will be reassigned to former parking areas, including some of the new areas in the front lot. The South lot will still be available to patients, visitors and employees, too.

“We are going to retain the overflow parking behind the KFC/Taco Bell for students and other overflow to use,” Murray said. “That parking area has worked out very well for our employees, and we are grateful to KFC/Taco Bell for allowing us to continue to use the space.

Murray also thanked the Houston Walmart Supercenter for “the generous use of their parking lot”. A few hospital employees were assigned to park in the lot and were shuttled to the hospital daily.

Murray noted that the windows for the building project are in with the exception of large glassed in areas at the front entrance and around stairwells.

“The stud walls have been completed, and much of the electrical and plumbing work is done,” Murray said, regarding the interior of the construction.

Drywall installation has begun, and drywall mud can also be applied as long as humidity remains low.

“When the weather changes, the new boilers will be fired up to keep the construction area the right temperature for the drywall mud,” Murray said.

Murray recounted recently giving the TCMH Expansion Ambassadors a tour of the new construction.

“There were 26 employee ambassadors that were able to take a tour of the construction with me,” Murray said.

The employee ambassadors are non-managers that work in many different departments throughout the hospital. Throughout the construction planning process, the employee ambassadors have been provided with “insider” information about the construction progress. They are asked to freely share this information with their co-workers.

Some of the employee ambassadors with Wes Murray, CEO, on a tour of the new construction.

“There was palpable excitement among the employee ambassadors as they toured the construction, and they took that excitement back to the rest of the hospital,” Murray said, adding that he’s regularly approached by staff about the possibility of touring the construction area.

Asphalt began to go down at the hospital by 8 a.m. this morning, and the asphalt company plans to work through the weekend to get this portion of the job done.

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