The Shape of Things to Come

The bricklayers are finishing up the brick work on the exterior of the new construction. Gone are the flapping pieces of plastic that protected the textured bricks from mortar. It’s just about down to the bricklaying finishing touches.

Earlier this week, the columns were poured for the new front entrance canopy.This photos shows the concrete forms still in place for the columns located closest to the building.Red bricks will cover the concrete.Workers lay the bricks on the columns. The trench you see between the columns here is to connect electricity to new light poles going into place in the new parking area.This photo shows the trench being dug between the columns. The front columns are already covered in red brick. The columns will have additional materials put on them to increase their height and to attach the canopy to.

Inside the building, Houston subcontractor, Gentry Construction, is busy placing stud walls for rooms, closets, bathrooms and everything that is to come.Gary Gentry studies a blueprint. A patient room door frame is in place just past him.Another door frame is being placed in a future patient room by employees with Gentry Construction.

Fireproofing material is being sprayed on major beams in the second floor. A finished beam that's been sprayed with fireproofing material.

The roof tops are receiving their various layers of covering. This photo shows the top of new ambulance garage/bay. The lightweight concrete mixture has been poured on top. There’s just one more layer to go down, and this roof top will be complete.

Pipes have been connected to the new boilers in the basement, and they are running through the new building.

There are still about a million wires that need to find connections…but every day the exterior and the interior of the expansion are changing shape into the new patient care area to come.

Which is why TCMH CEO, Wes Murray, can’t stay out of the building. He was caught showing it off this week to State representative-elect for Missouri’s 142nd district, Robert Ross (center). We hope Mr. Ross joins us again in a few months for the grand opening!

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