Archive | September, 2012

Nearly “In the Dry”

The 59,000 square foot Texas County Memorial Hospital expansion project is almost “in the dry”, Wes Murray, chief executive officer at TCMH, told board members at their monthly meeting on Tuesday. Murray reported that the main roof of the construction is complete. The smaller portions around the new construction are still being roofed. “We have […]

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It Takes a Village…to Build a Brick Wall

The brick layers working on the TCMH construction project have been laying bricks for many weeks now, but their work is about through. Last week, Wes Murray, TCMH CEO, got involved in a little brick laying of his own while looking at the construction site. He had so much fun placing a brick on the […]

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The Shape of Things to Come

The bricklayers are finishing up the brick work on the exterior of the new construction. Gone are the flapping pieces of plastic that protected the textured bricks from mortar. It’s just about down to the bricklaying finishing touches. Earlier this week, the columns were poured for the new front entrance canopy.Red bricks will cover the […]

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