Parking Lot Preparations

Dirt began moving at TCMH in the fall of 2011 to make way for the largest construction project in the hospital’s 53 year history. The new construction is going directly in front of the current hospital where are large parking lot once was.

Remember this?

Last fall we had to relocate our front lot employee parking and some of our visitor parking to a new lot on the South side of the hospital. A small lot remained for visitor parking.

As you can see from the above photo, there’s a pretty large drop off from the side of the current construction to the old parking lot below. Our construction plans actually call for a drive thru canopy area on the North side of the building where the new main entrance will be located. Construction plans call for a new parking area with a slight slope away from the building.

On Monday morning, we had to redirect our patient and visitor parking to new locations around the TCMH Office Annex and TCMH Business Office to allow the first portion of new parking areas to be constructed.

As you can see, there’s plenty of space for patients, patient family members and visitors to park and utilize the main entrance or the emergency room entrance to get into the hospital. (Monday through Friday during the daytime working hours, 50 to 75 TCMH employees are parking in a lot behind the KFC/Taco Bell or in the Walmart Supercenter parking lot and walking, bicycling or riding a shuttle van to the hospital to leave ample parking for TCMH customers.)

The former parking lot is now completely fenced off and dirt and gravel is being moved in to build the proper grade for the new lot.

Dirt is being hauled in and packed down for the new lot. The gravel piles in the corner of the above photo actually came from under the pavement of the former lot. The gravel will be “recycled” for use under the asphalt of the new lot.
As you can see, the drop off from the new construction to the parking area is already disappearing!

The concrete pillars on the right side of this photograph will hold the new canopy over the drive thru area that will be constructed.

Also, the big pile of stuff under the tied up blue tarp is fireproofing material that is used on the main beams inside the new construction. The tarps will protect it from the rain from Hurricane Isaac that is headed to Texas County this weekend.

The temporary entrance is still available…just momentarily closer to the main construction action.

At the hospital’s monthly board meeting on Tuesday, Wes Murray, chief executive officer at TCMH told board members that the parking changes for everyone involved were running smoothly. “Everyone is doing an outstanding job,” Murray said.

The parking lot work and the asphalt that will go down on the new lot may take up to two months to complete, but when TCMH is again able to use the front lot additional parking spaces will be gained from the completed work.

When the construction is complete, the parking lot will actually increase in size, taking in areas that were not originally parking space. Views like this one of TCMH will be just memories.


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