Temporary Parking Changes Begin at TCMH on Monday

Patient and visitor parking at Texas County Memorial Hospital will change on Monday, August 27th  to allow construction of a new parking lot next to the new construction currently underway at TCMH.

Most of the parking spaces in front of TCMH were closed on Monday with the exception of a few spaces close to the hospital which are designated for handicapped parking.  Patients, family members and visitors are being directed to parking spaces in lots north of the hospital—in front of the TCMH Business Office, by the TCMH Office Annex and around a white metal building used for storage.  These parking spaces are located east and north of the helipad.

“The parking spaces on the North side of the hospital are the closest to the hospital entrances, which is why we have temporarily relocated most of our employee parking,” Wes Murray, chief executive officer at TCMH, explained.

Additional spaces on the new TCMH parking lot South of the hospital and next to the TCMH Medical Complex have been designated specifically for use by patients, family members and visitors.

Signage is in place directing drivers to the temporary parking locations.

According to Murray, the greatest amount of parking congestion will be experienced Monday through Friday during usual business hours.

“Two area businesses have graciously offered parking space for our employees to use during peak times when employees are working on site,” Murray said. 

A gravel lot behind Kentucky Fried Chicken/Taco Bell and a specific row in the Walmart Supercenter parking lot will be utilized by TCMH employees to leave ample parking for TCMH patients, family members and visitors on the hospital campus.

A parking team worked together for several weeks to ensure that TCMH employees were assigned to a place to ensure that everyone working during the weekday would have a parking place.

The TCMH Medivan will shuttle hospital employees to and from their assigned parking places that are off campus.

Murray explained the first portion of the parking work will be to build up the grade for the lot.  Gravel and dirt will be moved and asphalt and striping will be the final touches to the lot before it is re-opened to the public. 

This portion of parking work is estimated to take two months to complete.  Weather and the asphalt company’s schedule will play a part in the completion of the front lot. 

The hospital will re-open the lot as soon as it is ready to be used and a few additional spaces will be gained.  When the construction is complete, the hospital will gain several additional parking spaces overall on the hospital campus.

“This is a day we’ve been waiting for, and it’s a good thing,” Murray said, asking that anyone driving on the TCMH campus be very conscientious about pedestrians walking to the hospital. 

“We appreciate everyone’s understanding of our situation as we grow,” Murray said, adding, “I’m very proud of the willingness of our employees to alter their normal parking routine, particularly those employees that are parking off campus.”

For additional information about parking at TCMH, contact the hospital’s public relations department at 417/967-1258 or 866-967-3311, ext. 258.

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