Hello Claire!

Shortly after she stepped out of her vehicle at Texas County Memorial Hospital, US Senator Claire McCaskill was greeted by, “Hello Claire!” from one of the subcontractors working on the hospital expansion project, high above the small crowd gathered below.
McCaskill looks at the expansion structure.  Wes Murray, TCMH CEO, and Dr. Charles Mueller are on McCaskill's right.
McCaskill was eager to see the 59,000 square foot expansion of the hospital. The original hospital structure was built when Houston was home to the McCaskill family.

In fact, McCaskill just missed being born at TCMH, which was opened a year after her birth. “I had to go to Rolla,” McCaskill said with a laugh.

Murray provided a brief run down of the new patient care areas that are being built in the expansion project, taking McCaskill inside the first floor.

Two full-time physicians, Dr. Charlie Rasmussen, chief of staff, and Dr. Charles Mueller, chief of surgery, took a few minutes to explain to McCaskill the importance of the hospital’s expansion.

“There’s no doubt this has assisted us with recruiting and retaining physicians,” Rasmussen explained. Just a few years out of his own residency program, Rasmussen explained that physicians in training expect to find the same tools they trained with in the hospitals and clinics where they work after their training ends.

Mueller described to McCaskill the “state of the art” space that the expansion will bring.

“The quality of patient care will not change with this new building, but the structure will better reflect the services and skills that are inside,” Mueller said.

“This expansion will make a difference in your patients’ perception,” McCaskill said. “They will know they are going into a place that can provide state of the art care.”

McCaskill noted that TCMH is the county’s largest employer, but the construction has also created additional jobs and provided economic stimulus to the area.

“One of the last things my daddy told me was to ‘take care of Texas County’,” McCaskill said. “I am glad to be here. This place is near and dear to my heart.”

McCaskill expressed a desire to return to TCMH for the expansion’s grand opening. “This is very exciting, and completion of the project is not far off.”
McCaskill with TCMH board of trustees chairperson, Omanez Fockler, and Murray

Before she left TCMH, McCaskill paused to sign a JE Dunn hard hat.

Goodbye, Claire. TCMH will see you again next August at the grand opening!


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