A Hospital Room with a View

“My father says there is only one perfect view, and that’s the view of the sky over our heads.”–George Emerson in A Room with a View

Patients in the new TCMH medical surgical floor, the second floor of the hospital’s expansion project, will have the opportunity to glimpse the sky overhead in the new patient rooms. The goings on about town–whether they be on Highway 63 or the Walmart parking lot–will all be visible from the large windows in each patient room.

The healing properties of natural light have been touted by many different sources, going back to ancient times. The Greeks built healing gardens for the sick to recover in. Florence Nightingale in the late 1800’s found that patients exposed to natural light healed faster than those who did not have natural light or were shut in. HMN Artchitects, the firm that designed the hospital expansion, published a piece on the use of natural light in the hospital setting, citing the need for natural light as a healing property and for improving overall patient demeanor.

Natural light provides some monetary savings,too; in many spaces it can be used in place of an energy using fixture.

Check out some of this natural light for future TCMH patients!

A patient room window on the East side of the building.

A patient and family waiting area on the East side of the medical surgical wing.

The walls are not constructed, but this photo shows two room windows. A wall will be in between these two windows.

The window will basically take up most of the end wall in each patient room. The grate-like area shown at the front of this photo is where the private patient bathroom will be located–at the entrance of each room. The patient bathrooms will have a shower, toilet and lavatory that is private for each room. The rooms are designed so that the bathrooms butt up next to each other.

You may have seen this photo in the hospital’s main hallway–the architectural rendering of a private patient room.

The perspective of this view is from the picture window area.

This is a row of future patient rooms and the aforementioned waiting area (on the far right) located on the East side of the building.

This view shows future patient rooms on the North side of the building.

This view shows more areas where patient bathrooms will go and some of the windows on the South side of the building. Two of the windows are a little smaller because the height of the ambulance garage on the South side of the building rises into what would be window space. The patient/visitor waiting area is located at the center of this photo, a staff stairwell is located next to the waiting room.

The nurses’ station, staff offices, etc. will be in the center of the second floor with patient rooms around the edges. Spaces for the patient room stud walls are drawn out on the concrete floor of the second floor, and they will begin to go up soon.

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