Bricks & Mortar

There are rows of these everywhere at the TCMH expansion project.

Bricks. Bricks. And more bricks. Reddish brown bricks. Beige bricks. Pallets of bricks.

These bricks are laid out ready to be placed on the wall. There are more bricks on a pallet waiting to go up, too. And beyond that is the new ambulance garage which has already been bricked.

Bricks are going on concrete block walls like this one here (a stairwell).

As the exterior walls go up, they are covered with a heavy sheet of construction material.

That material is then covered with Tyvek, and the bricks go on top of that.

This area being bricked is the hallway that will connect the new construction to the current hospital.

Or, in the case of the ambulance garage and the stairwells, the concrete blocks are covered with a weatherproofing material, and the bricks are laid on top of it.

You may wonder why some of the bricks have strips of plastic waving in the wind? Under the plastic are some uniquely textured bricks that provide architectural interest to an otherwise boring brick wall. After these “fancy” bricks are laid, the plastic strips are placed over them to protect them from any mortar that might squeeze out or accidentally bulge on to them. As one of the brick layers said, “It’s very hard to clean mortar off of them.”

There will be bricks of varying colors and textures (like the beige ones here) placed in architecturally interesting locations on the exterior of the building. These bricks shown here are located on the ambulance garage portion of the expansion.

In addition to the stacks of bricks, there are industrial size stacks of mortar on the construction site, too.

Mortar and a few more concrete blocks.

Small concrete machines are on site, and they are used to mix the mortar. One construction worker is kept busy mixing mortar, filling troughs with mortar for each bricklaying station, and shuttling the troughs around the construction site.

To the casual onlooker, it seems as though there are more bricks and blocks on the site than will ever be used. However, the pallets of bricks are rapidly disappearing each day as the new TCMH exterior takes on new colors and textures.


2 Responses to “Bricks & Mortar”

  1. Why don’t they turn off all the lights that are left on when know body is around????

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