Board Members Check Out Construction Progress

Following Tuesday’s monthly TCMH Board of Trustees’ meeting, two hospital board members joined TCMH CEO, Wes Murray, on a tour of the current hospital construction.

Murray (far left) with board members, Omanez Fockler & Janet Wiseman

Murray points out the elevator shaft (the concrete block area at the back left) and the bricks going on the stairwell on the back right.

A drive thru ambulance bay/garage is attached the South end of the new construction. The garage is built out of concrete blocks and will feature wide doors that will open into the back of the new emergency department.

Murray describes the functions of the ambulance bay to the board members.

TCMH plant operations director works closely with JE Dunn, the general construction manager for the project, and he speaks with Murray and the board members.

Murray pointed out the location of the beam with community signatures, which the board members also had the opportunity to sign before it was moved and attached in the construction.

“This is history, right here,” Fockler said, explaining how she encouraged everyone she knew to sign and write on the beam.

Stud walls are beginning to go up on the South end of the building. The large holes in the stud walls are where the large picture windows will go in each patient room. In addition to providing a good view and natural light, the windows will also be tinted and feature blinds inside the window that can be moved with ease.

“This is going to make such a difference,” Fockler said. Fockler spent her working career as a nurse at the county hospital.


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