US Congresswoman Visits Expansion Project

 The medical staff, administration and employees at TCMH are like “expectant parents”, waiting for the expansion to be complete.  They will talk about the expansion any chance they get, and Wes Murray, TCMH chief executive officer, especially enjoys taking people out to look at the construction site.

This week’s construction site visitor was Jo Ann Emerson, US Congressional representative for Missouri’s 8th district.  Emerson was traveling through the area, and she had a little time to stop in and visit TCMH.

Not long after her arrival, Murray escorted Emerson (right) and her staff members out to the construction project.


Emerson asked many questions about the project mentioning more than once how “very exciting” the expansion is.   “This is good for the entire region, and puts TCMH in a strong position for providing healthcare to the community in the future,” she said.


“I am so impressed,” Emerson said, “I know the entire county must be proud of what’s being built here at TCMH.  It’s going to be fabulous.”

And like many visitors to TCMH over the past few days, we asked Representative Emerson to sign the expansion project beam.



Thank you, Representative Emerson!  Come back and visit us any time!

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