Changing the Look of Houston

Last week, a large crane appeared in the Houston skyline.  There were reports of the crane being spotted from Downtown Houston, from Holder Drive and from South Highway 63.


The crane was used to unload several truckloads of steel beams for building the first and second floors  of the hospital expansion project. As the steel was unloaded, it was placed in orderly piles.


After unloading the steel, the crane was used to move steel beams to their proper location for construction.



The beam is being bolted into place in the basement ceiling/floor of the first floor.


The steel beams continue to go into place for the structure of the first and second floors.


No audio is available here, but the construction worker in the right bottom corner is holding blueprints.  He’s yelling instructions up to the worker sitting on the beam in the top right corner of this photo.  Here’s the steel coming in for placement.



The construction site was pretty noisy this morning with the crane moving and placing the steel pieces and the concrete work being done.

A large portion of the first floor (the part without a basement underneath) was poured this morning.


Local concrete trucks brought in truckload after truckload of concrete that was pumped to the floor.






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