Building Out the Basement

The TCMH expansion project includes a partial basement under the new construction. This blog has shown many photos over the past few weeks as concrete pumping trucks pouring yards and yards of concrete for the basement.

With the basement walls poured, it’s hard to see what’s happening, but construction workers are busy as usual–this time in the basement.

The exterior of the basement walls have been “weatherized”. A waterproofing layer was painted on the walls (the brown tinted paint-like stuff shown mid-way on the wall in this photo). A black protective layer was placed on the wall next, and a foam board barrier was adhered to the walls in the final step–all before dirt was pushed back up against the walls.

Another view of the weatherproofing material that will seal the basement from leaks.

The gap between the basement walls and the ground will be filled in with dirt. The silver pipes you see in this photo near the back wall hold electrical connections for connecting the power in the basement to the new generator system that is part of the new construction.

All of the basement walls have been poured, and a stairwell has not been built to access the basement, so a platform was built over the stairwell area with long ladders on both sides of the platform for the construction workers to go up and down/in and out of the basement. Here Ronnie Brooks, the JE Dunn construction supervisor; Wes Murray, TCMH CEO, and David Rosemann, maintenance director at TCMH, stand on the platform and survey the work being done in the basement.

So, what exactly is going on down in that concrete hole?

Here is the area that will be a “mechanical room” for the new construction. These two contractors are watching the bricklayers build concrete block walls on the other side of the basement.

These walls separate (left to right) side by side rooms for EMS sleep quarters and the IT mechanical room. The metal frames shown in the photo are door frames.

These bricklayers will begin working on the main back wall of the new construction as soon as the foundation for the wall is poured in this space. Do you recognize the original front of the hospital here? These plywood covered walls have big windows to the PT department behind them.


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