A Few Feet of Footings

With the basement concrete work mostly complete, construction workers can now be seen working “on top” of the construction site at what will be the ground level floor. They are doing the very important work needed before any upward construction can be done. They are putting in a few hundred feet of footings for the first level of the building.

The long, concrete piece in the center of this photo is completed portion of a footing (the concrete structure in the top left corner is the basement). The rebar "cage" in the bottom portion of this picture is a footing that's ready to have concrete poured over it.

Long pieces of rebar are assembled into cage-like structures that are placed in each footing hole.

Here three construction workers have rebar in front of them to build the steel structure that goes into each footing hole before it is filled with concrete.

This rooftop view shows the backhoe that dug the footing closest to the current TCMH structure; construction workers in the footing holes and the other workers building the steel structures that go into the footings.

Wes Murray, chief executive officer at TCMH provided a construction update to members of the TCMH board of trustees at their monthly meeting on Tuesday.

“Currently the footings to connect the basement to the new construction and to connect the new construction to the current hospital are being dug,” Murray said.

Following the pouring of the footings, steel for the first and second floors of the 59,000 square foot structure will begin to go up.

“It shouldn’t be long before you begin to see more visually interesting structures begin to be constructed,” Murray said.


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