A Bird’s Eye View

When construction began at Texas County Memorial Hospital earlier this year, the hospital’s rooftop was the prime location to check out what was going on in front of the hospital, especially as the project was excavated and work was done in the basement portion of the project.

Concrete is pumped into steel forms to build the side walls of the basement portion of the expansion.

The bird’s eye view of the construction and much of Houston changed this week when the stairwell walls were built, rising above the current TCMH rooftop.

The stairwell is constructed of concrete blocks that rise 32 feet in the air. Recent high winds didn’t prevent the contractors from clambering up the scaffolding and working on the stairwell.

This shows the current TCMH roof and the stairwell above it.

There’s one more thing that you can’t see unless you’re a bird, you’re standing on the TCMH roof or you’re on the stairwell scaffolding–the elevator construction.

A foam board insulation is placed around a portion of the elevator shaft.

Those of us on the ground find ourselves looking up at that 32′ stairwell and thinking about the structure that will be built around it. That structure should be a reality later this year. Then, the patients, visitors and employees of TCMH will all have a great bird’s eye view of Houston from patient rooms, waiting areas and other windows located on the second floor of the new core hospital.

Up next…large deliveries of steel to TCMH and moving the crane out of the basement to pour the concrete for the remainder of the basement walls.


One Response to “A Bird’s Eye View”

  1. WOW I will have to stop by and just see the place. I have not been there since I worked there in the summer 1976.

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