Winter? Not A Problem Here!

Typical winter weather has not been a problem at the TCMH construction project, board members heard at their monthly meeting on Tuesday.

“Unseasonably good weather continues to provide the contractors with very good working conditions,” Wes Murray, chief executive officer at TCMH, said, adding that anticipation for the completed construction continues to grow.

Currently the concrete walls for the basement portion of the expansion are being poured, and the footing for the elevator shaft has been poured. Cinderblocks for the shell of one of the stairwells are also rising up in front of the hospital.

“Due to the good weather our construction superintendent has coordinated completion of some plumbing and other parts of the project that were initially slated for later the upcoming months,” Murray said, adding, “We have actually already completed some parts of the construction that were to be done in March and April.”

Murray explained that even though there have been a few bad weather days, the number of good weather days are helping to keep the overall project on track.

Three large shipments of steel will be delivered to the construction site the week of March 11th.

“Those that are keenly watching this project unfold will begin to see a structure rise up very soon,” Murray said.

A crane is used to put up and to take down concrete forms for the basement walls. A piece of completed basement wall is in the foreground.

A view of the basement walls from the side of the TCMH Medical Complex.

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