Hard Hats Not Required in Hospital’s Front Lobby

Visitors and patients seated in the front lobby at Texas County Memorial Hospital this week might have wondered if they needed a hard hat while they waited for their appointment.

A variety of loud screeching, hammering, drilling and cutting sounds emanated from behind the boarded up glass windows and doors.

“It sounds like they might come through,” a TCMH volunteer said from her seat in the Auxiliary gift shop. Also boarded up, the gift shop has a front row seat for the sounds.

If the glass wasn’t boarded up, everyone could have seen a hole being dug for the elevator pit for the new construction at the hospital. Currently, concrete and steel are being placed in the hole that will house two elevators–one for patient and staff traffic and one for visitor traffic.

Construction workers are in the hole that's been dug for the elevator pit.

Next to the elevator pit is the scaffolding and some of the structure for a stairwell. This stairwell on the Northeast side of the new construction will be one of two in the new construction.

This stairwell will be two stories high, accessing the first (ground floor) and second floors.

A second stairwell is located on the Southwest corner of the new construction, and it will go down into the basement in addition to the first and second floors.

A crane is used to help place forms needed for pouring concrete in the basement and basement stairwell.

Weather permitting the concrete for the basement stairwell and other parts of the basement will begin again on Monday.


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