Ambassadors in High Places at TCMH

When Texas County Memorial Hospital began working toward an expansion project, employees were identified from many departments throughout the hospital as “Ambassadors” for the hospital’s expansion project. At various times throughout the past few years, Wes Murray, TCMH CEO, meets with the Ambassador group and provides them with latest information on the hospital’s expansion project and answers any questions the employees may have. The employees are able to take that information back to their fellow employees, friends and family–a way to provide relevant, up-to-date information about the status of the expansion project.

Last week, the Ambassadors received a special opportunity to get a bird’s eye view of the construction progress underway at TCMH. Murray escorted members of the group to the hospital’s rooftop to look, take photos and ask questions.

That's Wes pointing out something in "the big hole" to the Ambassadors.

The group was assembled on the rooftop of the hospital, over what is the front lobby. The East wing is sticking out on the left of the photo.

See the yellow skid steer loader in this photo? There's a manhole pipe sticking up behind it. The top of that pipe will eventually be flush with the future parking lot.

The area with white gravel is where the partial basement will be. The basement will contain mechanical rooms for the building and an EMS sleep area.

Here's another view where the manhole pipe is a little easier to see.

Quite a bit of dirt and rock have been moved at TCMH in recent weeks. Doss and Harper Quarry said that after the MODOT, TCMH used the most gravel from the quarry in 2011. Local truck drivers are delivering all the rock and gravel, too.

Murray is shown here with Ambassadors Howard Hughes; Chris Weaver; Leasa Lamb; Joyce Hull; Nancy Hayes and David Rosemann, director of environmental services and Bill Bridges, director of EMS.


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