Hospital working on easements with neighboring businesses

TCMH continues to work on easements with the neighbors surrounding the hospital, it announced following Tuesday’s board meeting. They involve placing a new sewer line under U.S. 63 that connects with the city’s new sewer line on Thomasville Road.
“We have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Steve Hutcheson and the property he owns across from the hospital,” CEO Wes Murray said. Hutcheson Pharmacy, MFA and other properties will tie into the new sewer line, which will replace an aged city sewer line.

TCMH has not been able to obtain a storm water easement from the Houston Walmart Supercenter.

“It’s not that Wal-Mart wouldn’t work with us,” Murray said. “They are just such a large corporation with so many layers and engineers that it could take several months to come to any agreement with them.”

A small, planned storm water retention pond located at the back of the hospital property, near Wal-Mart, will collect storm water runoff from the hospital. The water will then be diverted in a controlled manner from the back of the hospital to the front of the hospital property.

Similarly, TCMH has not been able to reach an agreement with Pizza Express regarding temporarily re-routing traffic through the Pizza Express driveway for a portion of the construction.

“Holy Cross Lutheran Church was happy to work with TCMH to route hospital and clinic traffic from the TCMH south entrance by their church,” Murray said. “Unfortunately, Pizza Express would not allow us to use their driveway without paying a substantial fee.”

Murray noted that TCMH was planning to do any repairs or maintenance as needed during the use of the driveway, but an agreement could not be reached.

“This will be a significant inconvenience to the clinic patients and to our hospital staff, but we will find a different way to route traffic,” Murray said.

The hospital’s south driveway will only be closed for up to 10 months.


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