Construction bids to be awarded next week

The JE Dunn Construction Trailer is already in place at Texas County Memorial Hospital. Ronnie Brooks, JE Dunn’s general manager for the project, is also regularly on site and is usually seen driving around town in the big blue truck with JE Dunn imprinted on the side.

Hospital officials report that bids will be awarded next week for the project following the finalization of the bid for masonry for the project. The five masonry bids for the construction project did not meet the bid requirements. JE Dunn will receive and open new masonry bids on Monday, June 27.

Following the opening of the masonry bids, insurance must be certified on all subcontractors. With a stamp of approval from the USDA, which is financing the $18.1 million low-interest loan for the project, the bids will be awarded.

One final note about the bids for the project: There were 27 bids for the construction project. Seventeen of the bids were under budgeted projections. Ten of the bids were approximately 25 percent over budget due to material pricing, hauling of equipment to the site, etc. TCMH can remove certain line items from the construction project and has a contingency budget as part of the project to assist with cost overruns.


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