TCMH board meets with project manager

Texas County Memorial Hospital board members met last week with three members of the company that will oversee construction of the hospital’s 58,000 square foot expansion and renovation project.
“We’re excited about this project,” said Vance McMillan, assistant vice president at JE Dunn Construction Company and project director for the TCMH construction project.
McMillan has worked on healthcare construction projects for Dunn for 18 years. He explained that JE Dunn considers the TCMH project to be “a blessing in this economy.”
Attending the meeting with McMillan were Dunn employees Matt Evans, project manager; and Ronnie Brooks, project superintendent, who will also work on the TCMH project.
“We will strive to keep the hospital running smoothly with as little disruption as possible,” Brooks explained.
“I like to do construction on healthcare facilities because I know they take care of people,” Brooks said.
He is already making plans to move to Texas County while the expansion and renovation project is under way at TCMH.
Evans, a native of Cabool, was born at TCMH. He will oversee the contracts that JE Dunn will enter into with subcontractors.
JE Dunn will begin to reach out to subcontractors in the next few weeks, planning local, public meetings for area subcontractors that would like to bid part of the hospital construction project.
“We pledge to you that we will work with your local people whenever we can,” McMillan said. “We want to give everyone the best chance to build the hospital that they are going to use.”
Omanez Fockler, chairperson of the TCMH board of trustees, commended McMillan and his team for their commitment to Texas County.
“We want to reach out to the local communities in everything we do,” Fockler said, “so it sounds like we are all on the same page.”
Founded in 1924 in Kansas City, JE Dunn Construction Co. has six operating companies located in 16 cities from the East to West Coasts.
The Ozark Region Office of JE Dunn based in Little Rock, Ark., is doing the TCMH construction project. In the Midwest, Dunn has constructed large and small hospital projects such as McCune-Brooks Hospital in Carthage and Barton County Memorial Hospital in Lamar.
One of the projects more readily recognized in southwest Missouri is Missouri State University’s JQH Arena.
Dunn was originally chosen for the TCMH project in 2008 through a traditional bid process when the hospital began the construction and renovation project. Dunn even took the TCMH project to bid in September 2008 before the bond market collapse, which put the TCMH project on hold until other financing could be secured. The hospital was awarded an $18 million loan through Rural Development last year.
“It means a lot to us to have you here with your experience and healthcare construction knowledge,” said Wes Murray, chief executive officer at TCMH. “We are ready to get this thing going and to build a great hospital for our county.”
TCMH officials continue to work with the USDA to finalize documents needed for the low-interest loan construction project. Notification of bids will be publicized soon. TCMH is also scheduled to take the finalized construction documents to the state for final approval in February.
A ground breaking for the project will be in the spring.

Here’s a video from TCMH CEO Wes Murray discussing the project:

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